Gender and Health: nothing so practical as good theory

In the ninth event of the series, we will hear from Commissioner Fran Baum, Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor of Public Health and Foundation Director of the Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia In this webinar Fran Baum will examine the ways in which understanding the influence of gender on health is assisted by the application of theory. She will discuss the application of Bourdieu’s theory of the ways in which economic, social, cultural and symbolic capital can create inequities. She will also examine the relevance of decolonisation theory in understand the impacts of colonisation on the health of Indigenous women. She will be joined in this part of the presentation by two colleagues, Faye Worner and Cleone Wellington, from the staff of Waminda ( an Australia Aboriginal Women’s Community Controlled Health and Welfare service. They will discuss the ways in which decolonisation underpins their work and approach to health and well-being.