Building a roadmap for structural, system-wide change on gender and global health

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A Lancet Commission brings together global, multidisciplinary stakeholders to address an urgent health predicament.

The Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health responds to the pressing need for substantial, structural, and system-wide change if we are to see considerable progress on gender equality and health equity by 2030.

The Commission is working to mobilise individuals and institutions to produce a feminist, intersectional, and evidence-informed report that goes beyond evidence to catalyse action on gender and global health

Our Guiding Principles

From universalism to pluralism

Global problems call for collaborative solutions, not unilateral impositions. We commit to acknowledging, appreciating, and acting upon a diversity of knowledge systems and sociocultural perspectives to co-create change.

From outputs to outcomes

Interventions and collaborations should lead to long-term change, not short-term gains. We interrogate the project driven, and often patchwork approach, of global health to reimagine models and practices that result in system-wide reforms.

From analysis to action

Now is the time for concrete action, not continued analysis. We strive to shift the conversation from ‘what do we know?’ to ‘what can we do?’ in order to catalyse meaningful change within gender and global health.

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Join us for our series of events as we explore key questions, concerns or topics the Commission is tackling, and for the chance to pose your questions to the Commissioners.

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27 October 2022

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Perspectives and initiatives of young people in all their diversity

6 October 2022

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